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Let us start out by saying, thank you for choosing Crystal Lake Animal Hospital for your pet's surgical needs. Below are explicit instructions for you to use as a guideline for the prepping of your pet's surgery.

Before the day of surgery-

  • If your pet is dirty, we recommend them getting a bath before surgery. It is more sanitary this way and your pet will not be allowed to get bathed for 2 weeks after the surgery is performed.
  • If your pet has fleas or ticks, please give them a flea/tick medication. This is more sanitary for surgery.

The night before surgery -

  • Do not give your animal any food/treats after midnight.
  • Water can be given until 8am the day of surgery.

The day of surgery -what to bring and when to arrive

  • Voucher - We must have a copy of the SNIP voucher. It must be on ONE sheet of paper. It must be legible. Do not print the voucher from an I-phone or Apple tablet, it will NOT print correctly. Please use the chart below with the attached voucher as a cheat sheet to ensure your voucher has all of the correct information. Please note we can not accept incomplete or inaccurate vouchers.

A. Your voucher should say SNIP Program, if it does not - you signed up for another program. We only perform surgeries for the SNIP program. So you need to either apply for the SNIP program or cancel your appointment with us; because you need to schedule with another provider who handles that program.

B. Your voucher number and barcode must be legible.

C. This area should not contain any PO Box number. The address is where the animal actually lives. If any of this information is incorrect - log onto your SNIP account and change the information and reprint the voucher.

D. Make sure your pet's name is listed under name. Make sure the correct gender and breed are chosen for your pet. If any of this information is incorrect - log onto your SNIP account and change the information and reprint the voucher.

E. This is your co-pay for the surgery. If the amount is zero you owe nothing additional for the procedure. If there is an amount listed, you will be required to pay that when you arrive the morning of surgery. We accept cash or credit cards, no checks.

F. If your appointment with us is after the expiration date, you must call us to cancel. You will need to contact the SNIP program to try and get an extension on your voucher. Once you have an extension, you may reschedule your appointment.

G. Do NOT fill anything out from here down. This is for the provider only.

  • Drivers License - Who ever drops the pet off the morning of surgery must have a valid Florida drivers license or state ID. We will not accept anyone with an address in a different county. If you just moved, bring in a bill with the correct address. This address should MATCH the voucher's address.
  • Rabies Certificate - We are required to have a copy of your pet's Rabies certificate. A proper Rabies certificate is signed by the veterinarian that performed the Rabies vaccine. It will also contain the vaccine information such as the lot number and expiration date. If your pet has a Rabies vaccine but no certificate - we are required to re-vaccinate your pet. If your pet has never had a Rabies vaccine we will vaccinate him/her - the county will cover the cost of the vaccine and this will be performed the day of surgery.
  • County Tag - If your pet received a Rabies vaccine and you purchased a tag, your pet's tag information will be listed on the Rabies Certificate. This is great and we are able to accept this. If your pet has the Rabies Certificate but you did not purchase a tag - we will be required to give you a county tag so your pet will be licensed through the county for the next year. If your pet has never gotten a Rabies vaccine, we will administer them the vaccine and issue them a tag the day of surgery. The cost of the tag is covered by the county.
  • Arrival time - Please arrive between 8:30-9am. We open at 8am if you must drop your pet off earlier. If you are running late please call us to let us know.

Notes -

If you must cancel your appointment, PLEASE give us a minimum of a 24 hour courtesy call. If you call to cancel 24 hours before your appointment we will gladly reschedule your pet. If you are a no call/no show, your pet will not be rescheduled for another appointment.

You will be required to fill out paperwork the day of surgery. (If you want to get a jump start, you may fill out the attachment labeled SNIP Procedures & Consent Form. Please ONLY fill out the highlighted areas.) This process takes a little time so please allow 10 minutes. We are required to collect all of the paperwork/information listed above in order to accept your pet for surgery. If you forgot any of the above, you must go get it, then return to our office. This paperwork must match the voucher, so please do not change your pet's name on our forms.

If you want additional services performed on your pet, we can accommodate you for an additional fee. We offer pre-surgical bloodwork which we highly recommend for every pet no matter the age. This allows us to make sure their liver and kidneys can handle the anesthesia. We also can vaccinate your pet with the other highly recommended vaccines, perform fecal and heartworm tests, trim nails, clean ears, administer a microchip etc. Feel free to discuss this with the receptionist when you are dropping your pet off. But if you know a head of time you want a service, please fill out the attached Client Information Sheet.

We will go over all of the discharge instructions with you when you pick up your pet. Estimated pick up time is 4:30pm. Someone will call you after the surgical procedure is finished and let you know how your pet did. They also will give you an exact pick up time. If you have any questions pertaining to after surgery care for your pet, this is the time to ask.

Female cats and dogs - if your pet is in heat or pregnant, we highly recommend you wait till one month after their heat cycle is over or they give birth and are done nursing. If you choose to proceed forward just know they are at a higher surgical risk. If we spay a female and notice she is in heat or pregnant there will be an additional cost and you will be responsible for this because it is beyond the "standard" spay that the county covers. Please note - we do not do abortions. We would only spay a patient that we could not tell was pregnant (which is only the first few days of pregnancy).

Male cats and dogs - Please make sure your pet has both of his testicles descended. If you can only feel one, then there is an undescended testicle. This now makes the procedure to neuter your pet more difficult and takes longer. Therefore, there will be an additional cost and you will be responsible for this because it is beyond the "standard" neuter that the county covers. If your pet is a kitten or puppy and one or both testicles have not descended yet, you may want to wait until the pet is about 5 months because they should descend by then. If your pet is older and there is still an undescended testicle; then it will most likely never descend and surgery is the only way to correct it.

If your pet has a hernia - we will repair it when we perform the surgery. This will be an additional cost and you will be responsible for this because it is beyond the "standard" spay/neuter that the county covers.

Additional surgeries - If you have any other surgeries you want performed on your pet such as: a growth removal, wart removal, dewclaw removal etc., we can give you an estimate for this PRIOR to the surgical day. We will need to know if you want the procedures done prior to the day of surgery due to our scheduling. If you are having an additional service, please fill out the attached Client Information Sheet, since you will be financially responsible.

Other things your pet will receive -

Your pet will receive a long lasting pain injection that lasts up to 72 hours. He/She will also receive an antibiotic injection - this is not SNIP protocol, but we offer it to you free of charge for the benefit of your pet. We will also send your pet home with an E-Collar to protect their surgical area.

If you have any additional questions that we have not answered, please email us back. We will respond ASAP.


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