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*CHECK OUT OUR NEW PHARMACY! LAUNCHED APRIL 2018 - A PLACE YOU CAN BUY ALL OF YOUR PETS FOOD, HEARTWORM PREVENTATIVE, FLEA AND TICK CONTROL, SHAMPOO ETC. Our new online pharmacy offers the same convenient way off shopping, while providing great prices, that will rival other online pharmacies. But all of our products come with the manufacture warranty unlike the other pharmacies. We also have auto ship! Thank you for taking a moment to see all the amazing products we offer. We appreciate your business!

*We urge our clients to take advantage of our Annual Preventative Blood Testing offered during annual exams. Your pet is an important member of they family, and we want to ensure that your pet stays healthy. Annual blood testing allows us to detect disease, often at an earlier stage, when it may be easier to treat. Ask about our packages today!

*Tuesday June 19th is Pet Friendly Dental Day. If you wish to have a non-anesthetic dental cleaning for your dog; call the office to set up an appointment. The cost is $190.00. We highly recommend keeping up with your animal's dental needs. It will keep them healthier and could prolong their life.

*We offer boarding and would love to take care of your pets when you are out of town. We have competitive rates and you can feel safe knowing your pets are getting well taken care of. We are already booking for the holiday season, so reserve your pet's spot today.
*Make sure to check out our Monthly Specials on the Home page. Great deals on great products!

*For our clients who don't know this, we offer house calls. This may work better for some of you who may have that nervous cat who hates her carrier or for the dog who cries the whole way to the vets office. If this sounds like something you may prefer, please call the office for details. Please note most appointments for house calls need to be set up a 1-2 weeks in advance. This is not for emergencies.

*Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We not only post cute pictures of our patients but announce specials on products and give good information about medical questions you may have.

*All current clients should take advantage of our Care To Share program. No need to join. Just grab a referral card from the receptionist next time your in the office. When you recommend a friend, give them the card. When they have their first appointment, they will SAVE $25 and YOU will get a $25 CREDIT ON YOUR ACCOUNT (card must be present during the visit). The greatest compliment our clients can give is a referral and we appreciate each one!

*We are accepting donations of your old towels. Though not often thought about, towels are an essential tool for the hospital to care for your pet and we tend to go through them quickly. No holes please. If you would like to donate, we would welcome drop offs at our hospital: 1400 W Sample Road. We thank you in advance!

*We match Pet Meds prices on all Heartgard, Nexgard and Revolution. This is a BIG deal because you will be saving a lot of money while still receiving the benefits you only get when buying these products from a Licensed Veterinarian. What benefits you might ask? Did you know that Pet Meds nor any other online pharmacy, DO NOT get the backing from the manufacturer? Which means if your animal contacts Heartworm and you buy your product from Pet Meds, Merial will NOT BACK THEIR PRODUCT and you will be left with the bill. Buy from us or any licensed veterinarian and you will always be backed.

*We are proudly associated with the Broward County SNIP Program. If you want to find out more about the SNIP Program, google search "Broward County SNIP Program". Then follow the prompts. Once you have your voucher, contact our office to schedule your appointment.

*Crystal Lake Animal Hospital will be offering the Canine Influenza Vaccine effective 6/8/17. We highly recommend all canines to receive this vaccine. Please note if this is the first time your pet is getting the vaccine, a booster is due in 3 weeks. Otherwise it is a once a year vaccine.

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