Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm Help from a Veterinarian

Here at Crystal Lake Animal Hospital in Pompano Beach, we understand just how important your pet’s health is, and we strive to provide you the tools necessary to keep him safe, clean, and happy. Heartworm prevention is a routine way to keep your pet healthy, especially in Florida and other southern states, where the likelihood of heartworm is drastically higher. For the safety of your companion animal, make sure you understand what heartworm is, how to prevent it, and what symptoms to look for.


Pet Care to Keep Heartworms Away

The best type of heartworm defense is to take preventative measures to ensure your pet never gets it in the first place. Make sure to follow these tips to keep your animal heartworm-free.


  • Test your cat before beginning prevention treatments
  • Keep your cat routinely tested for heartworm since there are no approved treatments for cats with heartworm


  • Test annually for heartworm, even if your dog is on prevention medication. It’s good to do this along with a routine visit to ensure comprehensive preventative care
  • Begin heartworm prevention medication immediately
  • Routinely give your dog heartworm medication, even one missed dose may leave your dog more likely to contract heartworm

Heartworm Symptoms

Heartworm medication has very high prevention rates, but that doesn’t mean your animal is completely immune. Even if on medication, your pet may still be able to contract heartworm disease, which is a progressive, potentially fatal disease that affects cats, dogs, and ferrets. Dogs are natural hosts to heartworm and are, therefore, at a higher risk.

Signs of heartworm in dogs may include fatigue, lethargic tendencies, a mild, persistent cough, decreased appetite, and weight loss. However, oftentimes, dogs do not show signs of the disease, especially early on. Therefore, annual testing and routine prevention is critical.

Cats, if they show symptoms between tests, may cough, vomit, have a lack of appetite, and have weight loss.  Similar to dogs, they may not show noticeable signs in the beginning stages.

If you believe your pet has heartworm disease, seek veterinary help immediately to begin treatment. The good news about heartworm is that, if caught in time, it is usually very treatable.

Call Your Vet Pompano Beach

To make sure your pet doesn’t have to deal with dangerous, potentially fatal heartworms, call our pet hospital to make an appointment with our veterinarians. At Crystal Lake Animal Hospital, we’re a full-service veterinary hospital with an incredible staff ready to help you and your beloved pet. Make the call, schedule the appointment, and ensure your pet stays happy and healthy. Our number is 954-941-6680.

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