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Flea and Parasite Care

Flea and Parasite Care

An important part of pet care is providing them with treatment if they happen to run into a parasite problem. If your cat or dog is suffering from fleas or ticks, contact Crystal Lake Animal Hospital to meet with our Vet Pampano Beach for an assessment. Read on to learn how to recognize a parasite problem, how to protect your pet from getting parasites and what our veterinarian will do if your pet does have an infestation.

The Signs of a Parasite Problem

Fleas are very small and look much like black sesame seeds. They walk through the fur very quickly and jump. Your pet will likely bite and scratch at its coat constantly if it has fleas running along its body. Ticks look like small spiders. They have six legs, however. They adhere to a pet and drink their blood. When a tick is latched onto a pet, it becomes engorged. They are easier to locate as they will feel like a bump on your pet's body when you pet your animal.

How to Protect Your Pet from Parasites

It is best to do daily checks of your pet's body for the presence of parasites. Simply part their fur and check their skin for black specks or flea dirt. You may also notice fleas running around in more severe cases. Ticks are usually noticed when grooming your pet. Use a pest control agent in your yard to minimize the population of these parasites. A trip for veterinary care at our animal hospital can also keep fleas and ticks at bay.

What Our Veterinarian Will Do To Help

When you bring your pet to our veterinarian for an assessment, they will check the skin in detail for signs of bite marks or allergic reactions. If fleas or ticks are indeed present, a flea and tick control agent is prescribed to eliminate them from the body. This medication can also be given as a preventative measure.

Contact Crystal Lake Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment with Vet Pompano Beach.  Call us at (954) 941-6680.

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