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Veterinary Pet Care Services

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Crystal Lake Animal Hospital - Veterinary Pet Care Services

Crystal Lake Animal Hospital has been offering comprehensive veterinary pet care services in Pompano Beach, FL for more than 45 years. So, when it comes to veterinarian care for your favorite furry friend, Dr. Christopher Melgey and Dr. Barry Landau know how important it is to get the best possible care and recommendations for your pet.

As a veterinary team, we see our four-legged patients as family members. We work to offer patient treatment and educational services while continuing to stay up with cutting-edge veterinary techniques and treatments. We have the wealth of experience you need, but we also offer you all the options available to you and our furry family members. We want to make sure that we've really done everything possible to help treat and offer the best possible care.

About Our Veterinary Pet Care Services

At Crystal Lake Animal Hospital, we offer full-service pet care services and treatment. We're open six-days-a-week to offer standard veterinary care services as well as urgent care. For those few off-hour situations, we also offer referrals for 24/7 emergency service solutions.

Our goal is to offer the best, most comprehensive veterinarian services on an ongoing basis to educate you about the needs of your pet, as well as detect the first signs of illnesses and conditions. Since your pet is a part of our family, we work to address the early onset of symptoms. We offer tips and specific recommendations to ensure that your pet achieves the optimal state of health and wellness. From the initial treatment assessment through every subsequent visit, we offer continuity of care that includes vaccinations and testing. We also offer ultrasound, CT scans, cardiac tests, and even surgery, if needed to get to the bottom of those troublesome pain, injury, or other pet care situations that come up.

Contact Crystal Lake Animal Hospital, Our Vet in Pompano Beach

We offer the best Pompano Beach vet services available. We look forward to working with you to support your pet's optimal health and wellness. Call (954) 941-6680 today to schedule an appointment today!

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